Fantastične mogućnosti koje
hibridna agencija donosi u život

Da bi se realizovao kompleksan projekat, nekada je trebalo više agencija i kompanija za digitalnu produkciju. Sada se taj posao obavlja na jednom mestu, sa mnoštvom stručnjaka koji direktno komuniciraju o projektu.

Rad sa hibridnom agencijom je sasvim drugačije iskustvo od onog na koje ste navikli. Hibridni tok rada fokusira se na blisku komunikaciju, tretirajući svaki izazov pojedinačno sa trenutnim povratnim informacijama u svakom koraku. Agilnost  je stoga jedna od glavnih snaga hibridne agencije.


Ukratko, hibridne agencije su sposobne da sagledaju širu sliku i potrebe i sve to ostvare. Na osnovu ovog holističkog pristupa, spajamo tehničko, logističko, lokalno i kreativno u jedno povezano iskustvo klijenta. Vekol DHC je ponosan što je pionir u ovom načinu poslovanja i što predstavlja novu generaciju preduzeća koja dolaze iz Srbije.

What started small, as the simple idea to bring the world to Serbia and Serbia to the world, has grown to be the leading single-source service provider in town. As the very first ever licensed Destination Management Company (DMC) in Serbia and your leading value-creation partner, we handle all elements that make up a destination by providing a combo of services, resources and expertise with unmatched local knowledge for a smooth and successful event programming – either live, digital or hybrid.




As a single-source creative agency we offer a comprehensive fusion of services in order to engage your brand’s audience by understanding and transmitting your values while keeping the visual and conceptual brand consistency. Craftsmanship is at our very core: we’re a hard-wired squad of sales agents, event-producers, copywriters,  graphic designers, web developers, marketing-lovers and… coffee addicts, united in obsession to get you ready and comfortable for your Big Day. 




There are only 3 responses to a piece of offer you just gave to a client: Yes, No and WOW. We can teach you how not to settle for anything less than WOW. As an industry authority, DHC Vekol is your premier resource for education, golden standards and best practices in MICE industry. “MICE Exposed: The Many Layers Of A Destination©” is our micro-tailored coaching mix with 70:30 (%) ratio in favor of immediately applicable skills. We also provide one-on-one consulting for businesses seeking to unlock their full potential.

As a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) we provide professional guidance and management regarding conference organization, as well as a gateway into all the requirements and complexities that need to be addressed in order to establish a successful event operation. We have been proud to pioneer and reinvent business travel management in order to optimize every step of the process: having DHC Vekol as a local expert, you can be certain all your choices are always well thought-out.




After the COVID19 outbreak and the “digital-first” shift exploding in 2020, we had to adapt fast. VEKOL STUDIOS is all-in & ready-to-use customizable broadcast studio where we offer you hybrid experience design and a professional TV production. DHC Vekol studio layouts are flexible to cover live streaming of wide range of events while a creative team of film directors, producers, professional TV hosts and cinematographers are there to envision and design a one-of-a-kind Audience Journey.




Boutique corporate retreats are becoming the new business lifestyle. Vekol Waterfront provides ultimate privacy and simple, serene comfort in less than 15-minute drive from the hectic city life. As Belgrade’s first businessmen-only retreat, VW is a place to reboot, rejuvenate and find the inner peace of mind. DHC Vekol will provide you with the essentials and beyond – from healthy and organic brain food, all the way to special furnishing requirements and luxurious Sea Ray river experience.

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